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GFuel Confetti Cake

GFuel Confetti Cake

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There are balloons, streamers, and presents everywhere! The lights are off and we’re waiting to make confetti go everywhere! Shhh! Here they come! … SUUURRRPRIIIIIZZZEE!! HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY, GAMMA LABS!! Oh, and here’s your birthday gift: G FUEL Confetti Cake!! Now you can finally enjoy the energizing and focus-enhancing benefits of G FUEL while tasting a metaphorical slice of sweet, delicious, confetti birthday cake. Tastes even better with milk! Raise your shakers and toast! To another amazing 17 years!!

More Information:

✔️ 40 servings per tub
✔️ Sugar-Free
✔️ 15 Calories
✔️ Focus Complex
✔️ Antioxidants


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