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GFuel Moon Pie Tub

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GFuel Moon Pie Tub

GFUEL HAD A MISSION: To set course for outer-space. To secure an anomaly of unknown origin, identified on the outer rim of our galaxy…Its energy readings were off the charts…Levels that have never been observed by mankind. What could it be?! Something with this much power could not be of this solar system…Could it be alien technology? An artifact?? A monolith??? An organism???? No. It was something far more beautiful…and delicious…

It was…A MoonPie…But also…G FUEL…“MoonPie G FUEL!!!” How is this possible?! What sort of intergalactic cataclysmic event led to this collision of flavor technology??? The out-of-this-world chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness that can only come from a MoonPie! Combined with the groundbreaking energy and focus of G FUEL! Has science finally gone too far?! I honestly don’t know…All I know is…It tastes amazing and now I have a ton of energy! Thanks, MoonPie & G FUEL!!!



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