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Psychik Zero Energy Drink

Psychik Zero Energy Drink

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Carrefour Energy Drink Zero 0.25L

Ingredients: carbonated water, oxidizer, regulator, sugar substitute, fragrant, colorants, taurine (0.029%), caffeine (18 mg / 100 ml), iositol, vitamins

Average food value in 100 ml energy value 13 kgs / 3 kcal, fats 0,1 g carbohydrates 0,1 g sugar 0,1 g salt 0,25 g proteins 0, 4 g, niyatsin, 7,2 mg, vitamin b6, 0,8 mg, vitamin b12, 0,4 mg

Attention:: Contraindications for children, pregnant women, diabetics and caffeine

Drink 1 bottle daily

It is not recommended to use with alcohol or during exercise

After opening 3 days remain

Expiry date: see on the box

Made in the Netherlands

Imported by "Majid Al Futtaim AM" LLC


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